FFL Transfers



Having a item sent to American Mule Firearms?


Cost $30.00

$75.00 For all firearms shipped from non-Federal Firearms License Dealers


  • After you have purchased the firearm online forward us americanmulefirearms@yahoo.com a copy of the email you received from the seller and in return we will forward the seller a copy of our signed FFL license attached to that email.

  • After we have received your package we will contact you to set up an appointment for you come by and fill out all required paper work.

Please only ship the firearm or receiver to us, We ARE NOT responsible for extra items that may be shipped.


Firearm or receiver ONLY

Items to bring with you to pick up your Firearm

  1. Your Texas ID that is not expired

  2. Your LTC/CHL that is not expired

  3. A copy of your original receipt with serial number


IF for any reason the you are declined during the background check you will still be required to pay for the transfer fees and the items shipping cost back to the original seller. Unless American Mule Firearms purchases the firearm form you at an agreed price.

We will not do a transfer for anyone that is not a Texas resident

or a U.S. Citizen.

American Mule Firearms will not be held responsible for damaged items or missing items.

If the item is damaged or there are missing items, that will be between you and the seller.

Make sure the seller sends all your contact information with the item being shipped, We will need it to contact you when your item arrives.


When you have purchased a firearm from American Mule Firearms and need to have it shipped.

  • Check with all your state laws before purchasing.

  • We will need a copy of the FFL license you need us to send the firearm to.


We cannot accept any NFA items SBR's, SBS's or Silencers. Those items will need to be sent to a Class 3 SOT.


**Any item left over 30 days will be considered abandoned and will become the property of American Mule Firearms without compensation to the transferee.**


"I'm glad we found WBG, we sold a gun to another company online and WBG made the experience easier and faster than they did. Would recommend."

Blain J. | South Carolina