Shipping Instrutions


Boxes to use

Make sure the firearm fits tight inside the box with no room to move around. Use extra packing material to secure the firearm securely.

Sharp Edges

Cover all sharp edges with pieces of card board, cover the but stock, trigger assembly, barrel end and any other sharp points that could damage the box. YOU CAN NOT OVER PROTECT THE FIREARM

Place inside the box

Please place all needed documents inside the box with the firearm. Our FFL, The bill of sales and all accessories that come with the firearm. FFL is needed just in case there is an issue during shipping.

Please do not ship ammo with any firearm.

Bill Of Sale

Please fill out all highlighted areas on the provided bill of sale and place it in the box with the firearm. You will receive a copy of this as soon as we add the firearm into our books.



If you have any questions about shipping please contact us we will be happy to answer any questions.

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